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Expert Demolition Services

Why pay top dollar for a contractor when you can hire The Junk Removal Crew's experienced demolition teams for a fraction of the cost? We can remove and haul away almost anything from both the interior and exterior of your property, leaving no trace of our presence.


Many homeowners and business owners try to save money on renovations by tackling the projects themselves. However, this can lead to stress, potential injury, or costly repairs if pipes or wiring are damaged. Avoid the hassle by contacting The Junk Removal Crew – our flat demolition and hauling fees ensure you get the best service at the best price.

demolitions and services

Let our demolition experts assist you in preparing any space for restoration or expansion. We offer a range of services, including:


  • Hauling away leftover demolition materials

  • Competitive pricing, saving you money compared to contractor rates

  • Handling various demolition projects, such as swing sets, hot tubs, gazebos, and more

  • Serving both residential and commercial spaces

  • Fast and efficient completion of jobs

How It Works!

  1.  Book Your Appointment: Easily schedule your appointment online or just give us a call at 518-351-7055.

  2. Stay Informed: Receive a text message from us 30-60 minutes before your appointment, so you know we're on our way.

  3. Get an All-Inclusive Quote: We'll assess the items you want removed and provide you with an all-inclusive, transparent price.

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