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Mattress Removal Services Near You
By The Junk Removal Crew

Disposing of an old mattress can be quite a challenge. Mattresses are bulky, hard to move by yourself, and cannot be simply tossed into the trash. Managing mattress disposal on your own often demands significant time and effort.


Mattresses and Beds We Handle:

Our team is equipped to remove various types of mattresses and beds, including:


  • Innerspring Mattresses

  • Futons

  • Foam Mattresses

  • Box Springs

  • Old Cushions

  • Platform Beds

  • Mattress Foundations

  • Adjustable Base Mattresses

  • Latex Mattresses

  • Water or Air Beds

  • Gel & Pillow Top Mattresses

  • Memory Foam Mattresses

With The Junk Removal Crew, you can trust our efficient and convenient mattress removal service to handle the heavy lifting for you. Visit or call us at 518-351-7055 to schedule a pickup and let us take care of your mattress disposal needs.

How It Works!

  1.  Book Your Appointment: Easily schedule your appointment online or just give us a call at 518-351-7055.

  2. Stay Informed: Receive a text message from us 30-60 minutes before your appointment, so you know we're on our way.

  3. Get an All-Inclusive Quote: We'll assess the items you want removed and provide you with an all-inclusive, transparent price.

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