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Used Tire Disposal Near You
By The Junk Removal Crew

When it's time to replace your tires, those old ones can quickly turn from useful car parts to massive piles of rubber junk. While some may repurpose old tires as swings, planters, or construction materials, most people tend to store them in their garage or leave them by the trash bins. However, old and waste tires are typically not accepted by regular waste services, leaving them to clutter your property. Fear not—The Junk Removal Crew is here to help with old and used tire disposal in your city.


Please note that not all locations may accept tires due to differences in local regulations. Give us a call to see how best your local team can help!


We Handle All Types of Old Tires, No Matter the Size


  • Car & Truck Tires

  • Motorcycle Tires

  • Bicycle Tires

  • Rubber Parts

  • Heavy Duty Tires

  • Competition or Sports Tires

  • All-Season & Touring Tires

  • Passenger Vehicle Tires

  • Assorted Rubber Parts

Visit our website at or give us a call at 518-351-7055 to book our services. We are your go-to experts for used tire disposal near you.

How It Works!

  1.  Book Your Appointment: Easily schedule your appointment online or just give us a call at 518-351-7055.

  2. Stay Informed: Receive a text message from us 30-60 minutes before your appointment, so you know we're on our way.

  3. Get an All-Inclusive Quote: We'll assess the items you want removed and provide you with an all-inclusive, transparent price.

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