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Floor Jack

  • Curbside 5% Discount is valid for customers who place items that curbside has been selected for and agrees to place all checkout items outside their location in the front yard, driveway, sidewalk, or curb for pick up on agreed upon scheduled date. Customer does not have to be present if items are placed outside and, on the order, / job form on scheduled date. If Items are not placed in the agreed upon location on the date of service, the company will reach out to the customer via call and/or text and email to collect the discounted amount to complete the junk job order. If the customer refuses or will not contact the company within a reasonable time of 30 minutes, the company will retain the initial 5% from discount and an additional 10 % fee on top of the above cancelation policy.

  • This purchase is for the removal of the item (or a similar item) to the above photo. We are not selling the actual product above in the photo. The pricing assumes the item is deemed reasonably accessible by The Junk Removal Crew, and that there are no unusual or difficult circumstances required to remove this item from the premises. This also assumes the item does need to be dismantled. If the item does not meet these requirements, The Junk Removal Crew has the right to cancel the order or offer an updated quote. If you have any questions or concerns, please call us at 518-351-7055.

    **The Junk Removal Crew will not disconnect utilities (Including electrical wiring, or plumbing) or make structural changes to remove items. Please make sure your items are disconnected and removed from the cabinetry or housing prior to your scheduled pickup**

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