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Rubbish Removal Services Near You
by The Junk Removal Crew

Dealing with rubbish can be more than just an inconvenience. It's the unwanted junk you need to dispose of, but how do you go about it?


General Rubbish Pickup by The Junk Removal Crew

For all your rubbish removal needs, contact The Junk Removal Crew. We'll take nearly anything that fits in our truck and ensure that your rubbish is recycled whenever possible.


Rubbish Removal Pricing

Pricing for rubbish removal can be tricky since it's subjective. We charge based on volume, specifically how much space your rubbish occupies in our trucks. To provide an accurate price, it's best to offer an estimate in person. Our crew will arrive on-site, assess your rubbish, and provide an exact price.


The upfront price includes:


  1. Pickup and removal of your rubbish from its current location

  2. Transportation and hauling costs

  3. Disposal and diversion costs


Choose The Junk Removal Crew for efficient rubbish removal services. Visit for more information or to schedule a pickup. You can also contact us at 518-351-7055.

How It Works!

  1.  Book Your Appointment: Easily schedule your appointment online or just give us a call at 518-351-7055.

  2. Stay Informed: Receive a text message from us 30-60 minutes before your appointment, so you know we're on our way.

  3. Get an All-Inclusive Quote: We'll assess the items you want removed and provide you with an all-inclusive, transparent price.

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