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Estate Clear Outs, Never Been Easier! Use Your Local Junk Professionals

4 Tips for Estate Clear Outs

Estate clear outs are fairly common occurrences used to clear a property of clutter and, sometimes, to make some money. They typically involve a lot of time, energy, and planning. You can, however, use the following tips to make it a simpler and more efficient process. 1. Make a plan- The steps you take will depend mostly on the reason for the estate clear out. There are a few different events that trigger them:

  • Major life changes, such as divorce or downsizing

  • A massive amount of debt

  • Death of a family member

The reasoning behind it can tell you which direction to move toward. For instance, if the trigger is a divorce or family death, there may be other parties you need to involve. If so, you will need to work out a plan with them in mind. 2. Know what to keep- It might be tempting just to go through and throw everything out, but that is usually not the best idea. Start by getting a container for all photos and important documents. Don’t worry about sorting through it all yet. That’s something you can do later while you watch your favorite TV show. For now, just get them in the container. If you stop to read every document as you find them, progress will be very slow. 3. Check everything- Before throwing anything out, be sure you have checked it thoroughly. That old purse in your grandmother’s closet might look like it needs to be disposed of. However, that might be where she hid some money or other important things as she knew no one would expect it. 4. Get the help you need- Estate clear outs can be tedious and exhausting. Have friends or family come to sort through items with you. You might also consider hiring an appraiser to tell you what’s worth selling. This cuts out a lot of guesswork. Additionally, you should consider hiring a junk and furniture removal service to clear out the clutter as you go. This step alone can help streamline the process and minimize the length of time it takes. There is no reason to do it alone- we can help smooth out the process. Contact us today for a quote on our junk and furniture removal service.

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Kate Moroz
Kate Moroz
Sep 09, 2023

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