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Eviction Got You Worked Up? The Junk Removal Crew Eviction Service Can Help!

Benefits of Using An Eviction Clean Up Service

Owning rental properties can be a great source of passive income- until it’s not so passive. Collecting rent every month with minimal issues is wonderful, but being a landlord or property manager does not always go so smoothly. One of the most challenging parts of owning or managing rental properties is evictions. Making someone vacate their home is usually not on anyone’s list of fun things to do, but it is an issue you have to deal with. Neither is cleaning out the place after they are gone. Fortunately, you can pass that burden on to us. We offer a full-service eviction clean up service to make the process easier on you while you manage other tasks or take the day off. Using our eviction clean up service means:

  • We will remove the tenants’ belongings from the home- even the heaviest of items. We set it on the curb for the day and come back 24 hours later to haul off what’s left.

  • Our team provides full trash removal of the home’s contents so you can lease it out more quickly.

  • If authorities must be present, we can accompany them, so you don’t even have to be present.

The Junk Removal Crew provides an efficient and affordable eviction clean up and trash removal service so you can get back to the business of making money. Call us for a free quote on your project today.

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